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  • Corporate Information

    Purchasing Information

    Toyota Boshoku aims for mutual development with our suppliers through our business transactions. We think it is important to build good, long-term relationships through close communications with our suppliers.

    Purchasing Activities Of Toyota Boshoku

    We promote mutual development with our suppliers.

    We are purchasing various automotive interior parts, materials, and facility from many suppliers. Our efforts promote steps to preserve the environment and meet other social requirements as well as to achieve mutual development based on transparent, good faith relationships with our suppliers, regardless of their scale or whether they are Japanese or foreign companies

  • Basic Purchasing Policy

    Our basic approach to purchasing

  • Supplier CSR Guidelines
  • Green Purchasing

    Our Green Purchasing Guidelines

  • Main Purchasing Items and Organization

    The main purchasing items we require and our purchasing organization

  • Process from Proposal to the Start of Transactions

    The process we follow with new suppliers up to the start of transaction

  • Business Proposal

    The process of submitting requests to do business and proposals to Toyota Boshoku.

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