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  • CSR Social Activities

    Challenge of planting 1.32 million trees as part of reforestation activities

    Basic approach

    The Toyota Boshoku group is working to protect biodiversity with a focus on reforestation based on the Toyota Boshoku Basic Policy of Biodiversity. Since fiscal 2016, the Company has participated in the Green Wave Project*, an activity being implemented by the Toyota Group. The sphere of activities of the project has been expanded to include group companies, local communities and government in an effort to promote reforestation.
    * Project aimed at creating a society that is in harmony with nature that has been implemented by the Toyota group since fiscal 2016

    Number of trees by 2050

    Number of trees by 2050

    Toyota Boshoku’s reforestation activities

    The Toyota Boshoku group’s reforestation activities have spread around the world and tree-planting efforts continue in each region. Although we are progressing toward our target of planting 1,320,000 trees by 2050, we missed our target of 54,000 trees for fiscal 2019 with a total of 34,060 trees. Going forward, we will further deepen cooperation with NGOs and other related groups to increase our tree-planting and reforestation activities worldwide. We are determined to catch up on delays to plans from fiscal 2020 so we can meet our goal of 500,000 trees for 2020.

    Result of reforestation in the Tengger Desert

    The trees have taken root and started to grow well in the desert.
    The trees have taken root and started to grow well in the desert.

    High acclaim for reforestation activities in China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

    Toyota Boshoku (China) has been undertaking reforestation activities aimed at preventing desertification in conjunction with different organisations since 2013. Approximately 56,000 seedlings have been planted in the Tengger Desert in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region over the past six years.
    In recognition of these activities, Toyota Boshoku (China) was presented with an award for contributing to the ecosystem in China by the State Forestry Administration in September 2018.

    Award for contributing to China’s ecosystem
    Award for contributing to China’s ecosystem

    Participation in Green Wave Project

    Toyota Boshoku has been participating in the All-Toyota Green Wave Project since fiscal 2016 with the aim of creating a society in harmony with nature. In fiscal 2019, we took part in activities to eradicate coreopsis lanceolata as part of the All-Toyota Harmony with Nature Working Group in central Aichi Prefecture around Sugou River, a tributary of the Sakai River.
    Coreopsis lanceolata is part of the sunflower family that grows in North America. The plant grows quickly and can outcompete native plant life, threatening local ecosystems, thereby prompting efforts toward eradication.
    We will continue participating in the activities of the All-Toyota Harmony with Nature Working Group amid efforts to preserve original ecosystems and biodiversity.