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    Challenge of minimising wastes produced

    Basic approach

    The Toyota Boshoku group verifies activities to reduce waste at each plant and deploys best practices across the organisation such as reducing the defect rate and enhancing the recycling rate for components. We are also working on design and production preparations that realise a reduction in material loss rate.

    Reducing waste by improving water tank drainage in the bumper painting process

    In the bumper painting process at Toyota Boshoku Shiga, wastewater containing paint was kept in a water tank during the painting process and the scum was removed through a system that forces it to the surface. Changing the chemical agent to achieve this recovery has enhanced the detackification and agglomeration of the paint scum. This in turn has significantly enhanced the recovery rate of the paint scum. As a result, the water content of paint scum has been reduced from 80% to 48.5%, suppressing the amount of water replenishment required in the water tank. Water consumption has therefore been cut by 13t, with the amount of annual waste reduced from 87t to 64t.

    Improvements to water tank
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